Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "There Is No Flaw In God's Love, We Are In Spirit Without Punishment"

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Today's spiritual wisdom statement may seem wishy washy to some if not plain arrogant or controversial to others. Nonetheless in our mortal lives as people its very easy to be punished by breaking the rules set out by others. Whether those rules are based on a truthful justice or one that is capricious in nature. Our suffering as people in many ways seems like an unjust punishment since karma is at work.

However we seldom consider the role of our divinity in life. Especially those of us who consider religion much less spirituality a nice thing, but nothing of supreme significance to our daily lives. Our short existence in decades as people and our eternal souls do go hand in hand on purpose. There is a web of connections metaphysically that baffles the mystic and clergy alike. To this end I've channeled from my Angels within as an Oracle. To be transformed by this 20 year plus discourse by their combined compassion. This is our eternal good news as living souls in God's Image and Likeness as his divine off spring. Everything else cascades from this point onward for us to make meaning of our lives, if at all. Much less to have a purpose worth living for especially one that we do not resent in life.

This "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is numbered #1966 in this 20 years discourse with my / our Angels. On the topic of the "Children of God".

Enjoy and reflect spiritually within by your own sacred faith. Amen.


Children of God:

1966) To God there is no distinction between a way to be and the way you are. No judgments whatsoever, no condemnation, no wrath of God, and no other ill effects at all! All these preceding stances is the anthropomorphizing assumptions of God by humanity in the flawed Image and Likeness of humanity alone. It is that simple really to comprehend in divine compassionate truth in every sincerity. In order to love and understand God(dess) one must surrender by unloading the values of the world with all these misconceptions of the Creator. As he, she, and it in solemn beauty in every conceivable fashion in supreme truth.

Thus in the beginning there was God and he, she, it was very very good. Without anthropomorphizing the Creator with the misaligned perceptions of the created in any form. God is, was, and will be again forever be an ultimate deity with total self-mastery in divine Immaculate identity. To be an impartial entity in every stance of the truth to peer into the hearts and minds of all creatures within totality. This means as the eternal and Infinite Witness he has no favorites with no elitism towards any created entity, this includes the Angels and the Daemons as well. Any invented traditions by humanity set aside taken as literal theology is a vestige of immaturity by humanity as a misconstrued fallacy, that is all.

Until that society upon the world evolves or perishes from the remembered books of written history. Such narcissistic baggage placed unto the divine is actually carried on the backs of men, woman, and children. As a selfish tendency to say one thing when in fact its something else entirely different. Any one mortal species can play that nonsense at its own ideological expense. For the divine will have nothing to do with it in plain neutral truth.

To God we are his ever abiding children for this includes even the most mature elder Almighty Angels as the minor gods and goddesses of totality. On Earth this is witnessed when an elderly parent treats their adult off spring still like a child in certain affectionate respects. We are the living souls of God as such we must accept our juvenile role in Creation itself. In order to move onto greater mysteries God(dess) has in store for all the children of every imaginable species in flesh and in purely spiritual form. Be these children the blessed in heaven and the damned in hell. Each demeanor represents an infinite variety of the Creator equally in an all inclusive manner. God punishes no one not even the devils! However it is the evil committed through karma that punish all as a self-inflicted wound eternally so from lack of nurturing foresight. The Holy Ones are spared because of living in God's compassionate graceful truth always and the rest wait within eternity until they mature with God once more. Amen.            ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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