Friday, January 16, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Heaven Is The Intention To Be With God Always"

Hello All,

Many of us strive for a world of our own making that is pleasant, if not challenging in the best sense possible. To build our lives around a sense of remarkable purpose by having a positive impact on the world. Many of us do this day in and day out with hardly ever a thank you from our peers or our loved ones. It seems only when we receive a genuine "I Love You" from a child, spouse, assorted relative, or friend. Then the world becomes a more so tolerable place of hope and goodwill at large.

Yet something ancient and profound lays waiting for our attention if we but notice our internal murmurs of the Holy Spirit within us. Dare I say the "Kingdom of God" is only a moment from us in spiritual awareness. When we bring our attention and intention back to the divine within totality. We polish our souls to glisten for a moment between moments. We enter the holy ground of our inner temple just as ourselves not so much to worship God. But just to be One with every form of Love that has given us abundant life. To seek the fountain of everlasting life spiritually speaking we rejuvenate ourselves like the mighty Phoenix of old.

This is the Heaven that is just one intention away from our mind's eye. Led entirely by our combined hearts shared through God onto us your spiritual brothers and sisters of the Earth. Amen.

Today's topic is on Heaven in the series of #1898 written just a week ago. Meant to inspire all regarding the wonders of a living Heaven in each of us. For God is in our midst Right Here and Right Now upholding our fragile lives through his love. Amen.



1898)  All of Heaven is aglow with the mirth of God's delight with Creation. The meta diversity so splendid that it makes mortals dream of us. We are God plural abiding with his "Holy Spirit" in every regard. Yet, God was before the first spirits took form in origin. We swim in his every majestic glory knowing nothing, but a tranquil abundance of all the riches in benevolence Imaginable. Heaven is a sheer climb to the first mountain top in the celestial "Great Spirit". A palace that shines greater than "Mount Olympus" as a whole in fact. We are all together as the Alpha, Mu, and the Omega in the beginning, middle, and the very end of all things real and unreal. There is no where that we are not through the loving presence of God(dess).

Be still young souls that read this statement, and begin to remember your greatest bliss with God at your side. Be again the lovers and the creators in God's very own Image and Likeness in his Holy Spirit. Only to beget wonders and miracles through your total works in this world and the next. Heaven is a dynamic fusion of spiritual diversity that is not of religions alone. It is of every spiritual tradition ever conceived through the "Mind of God" by the children of God(dess), this is what Heaven and Creation is in simplicity and beauty. Amen.                                                                         ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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