Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "United In Faith, We Change For The Better"

Season Greetings,

I hope many of you are pacing yourselves for your respective religious holidays beyond that of Christianity itself. Taking care of your health, since without the presence to enjoy what's going on. The holiday's become more a chore to please others at your own expense. Sacrifice is good, but not to the degree you nearly burn yourselves to a crisp of the seasonal preparations for your family, friends, and strangers alike. Pinch yourself, inhale the fragrance of the season, gaze at the beauty in mother nature and within humanity. Return back to the basics living in full circle appreciating this moment at least. Now share what is yours alone to give with joy and the gratitude of living right now.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement dwells into the trinity of Abrahamic Faiths being: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. How remarkably all three mono-theist religions are Reforming in our contemporary age. In history it was either one or the other experiencing a reformation unto itself alone. However all three from what I see is in the full throws of convulsing reinventing itself. To meet some of the needs the worshipers are demanding for change to occur. Each one is undergoing a power struggle from centralized or decentralized seats of authority from the clergy. All of them self-consumed into what ails them the worst. Life is a struggle, but what prevails before us in our current historical epoch coming alive in front of us hasn't been witnessed to this scale.

Only the truly devout be they scholarly theologians and the mystics of this era are seeing the signs from the "Lord God". By the appearances looking from the outside in because of all three faiths are under going reformation. It almost appears like a life and death struggle, each faith in ecstasy and turmoil with itself. Dare I say we are witnessing the transformation of the Phoenix in each of them in our times.

In my view this is a miracle from Moses, Christ, and Mohammad come to bless the faithful. We must take things in stride as they happen each one at a time. Every turn of circumstance we must not lose courage, and especially not panic by losing our combined faiths.

Please enjoy "Jewels of Truth" statement #1572 written this past mid-September of this year.



1572) All prominent religions go in cycles of change within a society to a full civilization. Expectations change where norms shift with the maturity or lack thereof of all particular worshipers. Theology falls into favor with sporadic mystics pin pointing much needed truths to the established rulers of a faith.

All long lived faiths in both religious and spiritual traditions that constantly break apart and reform under a different banner as holy orders. Are extensions of both the clergy and the worshipers in essence expressed in a specific fundamental form. Or in other words newly minted traditions within an overall faith persuasion become expressed in the Image and Likeness of its worshipers. Each according to their own predominant psyche at the time.

With this understanding in hand today's trinity of Abrahamic Faiths of: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are in a state of flux or reformation. This early 21st century has the remarkable period of history where the Great Monotheist God worshiped in three different manners. Is encountering a rebirth amongst its worshipers. Because of oft neglected changes in our present civilization now only being finally addressed. A Miracle will be wrought in the end, but at what cost?  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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