Saturday, November 09, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Democracy Come Undone"

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Recently as I have been witnessing the devolution of politics in my own country at least on the Federal National level. Like many of my own countryman I have felt appalled, apathetic, disappointed, besides many other stomach turning emotions. This is not to say there is no hope, yes there is hope. However it may not fully materialize itself in our present tense by the litany of shenanigans of our elected buffoons. Since truly a congress under a zoological sense is considered a pack of buffoons by the definition of the word. Yet, this is insulting the literal buffoons as our primate cousins to compare them to near useless elected political officials.

The following "Jewels of Truth" statement #1607 was written on the topic of Governance. It's more so directly pointed at America's contemporary disposition in terms to illogical and ineffective governance policies. With its petty and selfish bickering in our national halls of power. In the wake of all this inaction perhaps unrealized by many its creating a literal and figurative power vacuum in Washington D.C. Whereby if the Federal government is no longer seen as credible, than the States in themselves will usurp more power to their own ends. Creating a new or old "Tug of War" between the Federal powers versus the States semi-autonomy.

This is what happens as unintended consequences to the "Great American Sell Out". By our political leaders to the capitalists (monied special interests) without much pension for ethics or morality. True profits, led by false prophets ain't that a recipe for disaster in the world? 



1607) For a nation to value its contributions to the world. It must first make an honest assessment of what it holds dearest in societal values. Sometimes hypocrisy will creep into such a discourse. When elegant and noble platitudes will be paid lip service. Where in the farthest reaches away from the public eye is mischief afoot. Setting up a program of maleficence in order to maintain internal and external grips on power at nearly any cost.

If such a nation is a declared democracy it won't stay one for long. For the classical modus operandi  has changed in order to calcify its base of power. The term the "Emperor Wears No Clothing" signifies a "House of Cards" or in other words a power vacuum is occurring. A costly game of charades where even ones allies across the globe are confused as to your actual motivations. Pretenders posing as the ideological solution parade themselves across all forms of public media outlets as the populace consumes the news. Truly do not follow the clowns for their amusement is not to be desired. These are the charlatans seeking fame and fortune to develop their own "Cult of Personality". False Prophets by any other name to confuse the sincere and entertain the vain at heart.

When a nations cultural celebrities are gossiped over the neglect of the masses. Than surely a societal revolution is simmering just beneath the surface. This is when the temperature of a nation becomes frothy where tempers begin to boil over the pot. Ignore the pains of a society to your own undoing in the end. Whistle blowers seeking to alleviate the steam being generated senselessly soon find themselves as public enemy number one by the State. Patriots of tomorrow despised today by the actual felons committing crimes against the populace. Only to become upheld by the doctrines of subterfuge allowed by the State, but revealed by the whistle blowers.

Revolt is not the answer, but civil disobedience is the first line of defense against gross injustice across the land. Deny not the dignity of those you disagree with in terms to secular governance policy. Never demonize them lest you seek violence over peace. Make not enemies of your own countryman. Resolve differences in the spirit of goodwill led by true compromise. Otherwise the nation will erupt into chaos, if not eventually become fully undone at the seams.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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