Friday, March 08, 2013

Computer Industry Concept: Upgradable Custom Hardware For Tablets & Smartphones

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How many times have you thought to yourself only if I can extend the life of this iPad Tablet of mine. Instead of being forced to buying another iteration of the next generation of tablet computers. Today's concept takes "Apple Computer, Inc's" business model of nickel and diming consumers piece meal. With each new generation of iphone or ipad's just to milk us of our hard earned dollars once a year. Although I shouldn't single out Apple for doing this to us for the past 5 years time. Samsung, has jumped onto the band wagon and is now giving Apple a run for its money.

Five years ago "Apple Computers, Inc" of Macintosh fame gave us the best iPhone smart phone on the market place. Causing a revival not seen since the Blackberry and the Palm Pilot before it. Kudos, to "Research in Motion" makers of the Blackberry for dropping the ball on your lead. Whereby Apple took up the slack and gave the world the iPhone. Besides this the iPad has debuted for the past 4 years or so making hand held computers more renowned. Like something out of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" science fiction of the hand held computer clip boards.

As Apple made the way for this 21st century computer technology to make our lives better and faster. Not unlike Xerox and IBM did for the PC computer in the last century. Now is the time for computer component manufacturers like: Asus, Nvidia, IBM, Creative, Panasonic, Sony, Seagate, AMD, etc... To take the show away from "Apple or Samsung" and create a new momentum for computer Tablets and Smartphones world wide. To wrestle control away from these heavy weights by opening up the market place in a much wider capacity.

Since in all sincerity the Tablet and Smartphone have more in common with a Video Game Console with locked in place computer specifications. Than a true "Formula One" of PC computer hardware that can be upgraded over time as improvements are made in technology. Why buy an entirely new iPad or Galaxy tablet when only you need a better video graphics card and RAM?

Computer enthusiasts should be making such demands and more over this is a Lucrative Opportunity for a slew of computer manufacturers of components. To open up a global multi-billion dollar market place to be pursued for your customers be they retail or commercial. Does it take a undiscovered futurist innovator to bring this to your attention?

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