Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statement: "How Tragedy Must Heal"

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No doubt many of you here State side if not countless others world wide have heard of the massacre recently in New Town, Connecticut. Where 20 school children, 6 faculty, and the gun man's mother and the shooter all perished. Any act of violence when it is up close and personal when not in abstraction from afar. Is cruel to the senses and a horror to any memory that may recall it.

Recently whilst watching the after effects on CNN cable news channel. Journalist and anchorman Wolf Blitzer asked what I'll reference as a onlookers question to a rabbi and a reverend from New Town, CT. The question was this; "How could God allow such atrocities to occur"? The Reverend chose to respond first that now wasn't the time for such a question and to just honor the grieving process to unfold.

There is much truth to the sentiment offered by the good reverend. However I wanted to take such a second look from a meta perspective on the question posed by Mr. Wolf Blitzer. Below is the topic on atrocities in the numbered "Jewels of Truth" series of #1385 for a long off Volume 4 on spiritual wisdom.


1385) All atrocities always seem senseless as an absurd act that defies all that is rational. Although a common misconception of assigning normalcy to the bizarre confuses all.

Those that ask innocently or with subterfuge why God would allow such victimization? Must realize one thing this is a living world with competing interests. Not all of which are of a wholesome nature of well being. Life is full of mystery and paradoxes that cause contradiction to occur within people and events. When Christ spoke to love your enemies, even those that have caused much bloodshed. He was speaking from a place of redemption of the soul of a benign to wicked enemy in your lives. Forgiveness is a very personal act of self-healing when a hurtful betrayal is encountered. Compassion is a shared experience when a love in all tenderness should be offered in order to heal and console the afflicted. Not all pain is equal in the proportion that it causes suffering. A painful experience that is forced upon the innocent. Can be reduced in grief and suffering over time with forgiveness and compassion.

Grieving will require resent, anger, and hate to be experienced as part of the healing process. However those that get stuck on such destructive emotions may inadvertently share such rage. To unrelated innocent persons along the way. Do not I Implore You expand the circle of hatred by victimizing yourself or harming the innocent at a future time. Only because you couldn't let go of a vendetta as a cold act of revenge or retribution. Release such malice unto God and the Angels so as to heal your spirit fully. With an all abiding unconditional forgiveness, compassion, and Love most of all. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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