Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quasi Adoption Concept: Aging Out Orphans, Get A Lifeline From Multi-National Corporations

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Here in the States we're in full swing for the Holiday Season, besides the full shoppers frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday having just occurred. Since America has been repurposed mostly to have its economy based on consumption of goods and services. Many a retailer gets up to 20% of their business during this time of the year.

My concept this month of November isn't so dissimilar where wards of a State meaning orphans. Get a lifeline of a vocational or a university education by being partially adopted by a Multi-National Corporation, if not a giant U.S. based corporation as well. Many U.S. States have orphans in their family services agencies where these wards Age Out of the adoptive process starting at the age of 18. Here in my State of Florida its no different where the social fabric of a support system is fragile at best. Many of these ex-wards can easily become homeless, if not worse enter the penal justice system as criminal offenders. Only a minority some how beat the odds to lead productive lives in our society at large.

My solution is to even those odds where instead of losing these young adults to a life of hopelessness. The U.S. States partner with multi-national corporations to develop a very skilled workforce for themselves using a system of Apprenticeships. It's already happening to a degree from the German manufacturers developing apprenticeship programs. Starting with high school students if not older adults in their American based auto manufacturing plants from German auto makers of Volkswagen and BMW. 

Germany's New Export: Job Training
(From the "Wall Street Journal" dated June 14th 2012)

"In Germany, nearly two-thirds of the country's workers are trained through partnerships among companies, technical schools and trade guilds. Last year, German companies took on and trained nearly 600,000 paid apprentices. The schools provide theoretical lessons on the side, while trade unions help ensure training is standardized. ---Vanessa Fuhrmans. WSJ.com"

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