Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jewels of Truth Statement: "On Truth"

Hello All,

Time to time I like to share one of my very recent creations as in a Jewels of Truth spiritual wisdom statement. This one however wasn't written years ago like the others, but written for a future Volume 4 of the series just yesterday. It is numbered #1347 in the series and its on the topic of Truth itself.

May you find it stirring in a beneficial manner.


1347) As the "God" of the Holy Light is absolute Love. So is he absolute truth, having dominion of everything in the light and in the void of the darkness. No one people or nation is supreme over the revelations of the truth. Be it encoded into the cannon of the law or the spiritual essence of the land. No birthright is holier than another all are kindred under the majestic rule of God for all eternity. Forget not your role in life, lest you stumble into a bottomless pit.
         The truth is painful when swallowed whole, especially for those with a small mouth and a weak stomach. The truth heals the authentic person out of their own limitations. It makes bright crooked ways in order to polish around the rough edges like a stone mason. Often justice demands the truth in order to function. A pure truth will leave the righteous person isolated without good natured peers of a like mind. Sometimes truth must be measured in steady and consistent intervals. Than swallowing it in one enormous gulp like a whale. With truth comes power and grace to act for the well being of all. No matter creed, race, social economic class, gender, sexual orientation, nor most of all ideology. The guardians of truth are usually also the protectors of the public trust. One could not have one without the other out of a sense of a sacred duty. Nobility of a higher calling of Spirit be it in spiritual or secular matters comes at a price. Only the true lovers pay for it with their souls as a sacrifice for the many. A servant in trust is not a blinded unruly slave. Trust not mere words, but trust in the deeds of the truth bound. No matter the color of their skin or the foreign tongue they utter. For in the end, it is as in the beginning all is in order by the "Great Mystery" that we know and love as God(dess). Amen.
---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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