Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Jewels of Truth" On Faith With A Purpose

Hello All,

I hope all of you have had a very Happy New Year celebrations and you find yourself in health and happiness. From time to time I write a "Jewels of Truth" statement for an upcoming volume that I find riveting. Today's spiritual wisdom statement numbered in the series at #1214 for a future volume 4 is no exception. It deals with the topic of Faith how it can be found with a purpose. If we but yield our ego's and hand it all over back to God for our own benediction.  

May you enjoy it as I have in sharing it here for the first time as it was written only a couple hours ago.

"Faith With A Purpose"

1214) When we act with a blessed faith we beckon heaven to come closer into our own lives. A sacred trust is made like a personal covenant with the Lord God and his life affirming Angels. We act not alone when we pursue the path of peace and love through God(dess). The Omnipresent truth by all the Divine Laws of the spiritual heavens are aligned for our benefit. All we need do by our willful sacred permission is to enact the "Will of God" in our lives. This "Divine Will" expresses itself uniquely with each and every entity spirit. No two incarnations of a soul will express the "Will of God" exactly. Thus the abundance of the heavens is made manifest and whole through the multiplicity of creation.

Be still and come a bit closer to this inspired truth. Find your peace in the master plan God(dess) and the Angels have in store for your own personal benefit. Where all your loves in goodness are treasured and certainly enhanced by grace. Walk the path of the righteous soul and the wonders to come shall be awe inspiring. To all who come near you and are touched by your sacred service through God. Amen.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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