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Movie Concept: "The Thief of Heaven"

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From time to time I've been known to blog about a movie concept that I would be delighted to see in theaters. Which I'm sure would have wide audience appeal to consumers if these ever saw the light of day. Past examples of movie concepts on this blog site is within the musical genre of a hip hop "Christmas Carol" set in Detroit, Michigan. In science fiction "The Garden of Eden Discovered" on Earth and "The Book of Enoch" where our Judeo-Christian theology is set upon a political action adventure drama of an alien extraterrestrial race that conquered the Earth in our pre-history. Or if comedy is your thing a non-animated remake of "Beavis & Butthead". With live action comedians in a complete misadventure that is its own hilarious farce.

Today's movie concept I'll title as "The Thief of Heaven". Where a cunning thief who thinks he is world renowned for his craft. Becomes both the victim and the hero when he steals an ancient long forgotten blessed holy artifact. From an archeological dig site set upon an unknown to humanity as of yet grand civilization on the verge of discovery. Just as grand as Ancient Egypt or the Minoan civilization in Ancient Crete.

Where the classic scoundrel thief makes his way through an underground maze unto a hidden temple. This is a thief of plunder and no archeology professor of "Indiana Jones", nor of "Lara Croft" adventurer of the Tomb Raider series. This would be part "Han Solo", part smuggler and thief, and lastly part fool.

As the cunning thief weaves his way through the archeological underground lair. He happens upon this hidden temple filled with symbolism and arcane writing along the walls and archways. He could never hope to decipher, but only make a best guess in his crudest form.

As he happens upon this ancient artifact he says to himself he has found the treasure that will put an end to his thieving ways. Because the jewel encrusted artifact is so marvelous he will surely be paid a kings ransom by an unscrupulous collector of antiquity. Little does he know that this holy artifact of a bygone human civilization is the equivalent of the "Holy Grail" to Christians. When he takes direct physical possession of the relic it begins to hum with an eerie radiance of both sound and sight. Just for a second or two which startles the thief which he quickly dismisses since it was so brief to barely notice.

As the thief returns to his contacts in the black market. He begins to encounter something he has never begun to experience before in life. A sense of awe and bewilderment that anyone he offers to sell this treasure refuses him. Akin to if all they see is junk, but yet they acknowledge in reality the lustrous precious metals and jewels of such a relic. Months pass on as events begin to transpire that continue to confuse the thief. As to why no one will purchase directly or indirectly this ill gotten antiquity. Where it is so hot or radioactive no one dares to even consider purchasing it akin to committing a crime onto itself.

The thief at this point is completely going bonkers and going out of his wits with frustration and anger. That such an antiquity that would deliver him unto untold worldly riches and yet no one is interested in purchasing. What the thief fails to surmise is that this ancient holy artifact is Enchanted.

As soon as the thief comes to terms of such a possibility he immediately deems it a cursed object. However all around him he is treated well by a myriad of coincidences that he can barely fathom. Which startles him even further into attempting to just throw away the artifact to no avail. Since the holy relic has become attuned to his very essence the moment he first grabbed it in the hidden temple.

Since the now hapless thief can not sell or lose such a holy and forgotten relic. He attempts to return it back to the archeological underground site to no success at all. Because obstruction and obstacle after another seem to battle him at every turn. As if this holy relic does not want to be returned with a mind of its own. As the story unfolds the thief himself becomes transformed as a person. An odyssey occurs as he attempts to find alternative means to take this holy relic to other holy shrines across the globe. Both known and especially unknown speaking to countless psychics, sages, and holy anointed souls. All intrigued and yet bemused at his plight. As the years turn into decades this once cunning thief realizes what he truly stole was not a holy relic. But his life, that in seeking a king's ransom he did find. Not of this world, but of the Heaven's where he is now the protector and guardian. Of this miraculous holy relic of a forgotten ancient human civilization.

During the course of the movie those bizarre coincidences that occur to the thief. Are blessings and miracles occurring all around him to all whom come into his proximity. As the years and decades unfold he learns more of this ancient civilization from the archeologists that discovered them. Including from the artifact itself akin to a form of telepathic bonding with flashes of impressions.

This movie is part inspirational and also a cautionary tale to becareful of what one truly seeks. Since in the end it may make its appearance totally different from what you originally surmised it would be in reality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this movie concept and perhaps one day a producer will take kindly to its possibility for moviegoers.

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