Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jewels of Truth Series: "One As God Is With Us As Us"

Hello All,

Today I penned another original very deep thought regarding meta-physics that may take several readings to fully digest. It's implications are far reaching in terms as to how well we wish to develop our Divinity in this reality we call "Life". This is also part of Volume 4 of the working manuscript still writing itself in the "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom series.

Enjoy and provoke your thoughts as deeply as you care to wish.


"One As God Is With Us As Us"

1144) All souls are combined through God(dess) as one total reality. What this means is that the very Spirit of the One and only meta-god of all lesser gods. In this our metaphysical reality is unto him or herself in sheer essence and substance. Life and Death, the Heavens and the Earth, the universe and creation are all one streamed thru put of a layered existence. The common unifying factor to make it all as "One" is God(dess) in Spirit form or the "Holy Spirit (Ghost)" itself.

Paradoxically our personalized souls is the "Soul of God(dess)" as well. We are micro expressions utilizing the identical meta-soul of God in the macro metaphysical reality. To take this example further all life be it: bacteria, mineral, plant, insects, fish, animal, and so forth contains an equal allotment or portion of the soul or "Spirit of God" that is within the very fiber of our souls. God(dess), has no favorites we are all equal in terms to the very micro metaphysical size of our souls in relation to all of life surrounding us in this very instance.

However we may utilize our own divinity through the scope and powers of our soul is far different than the next life born or ghostly entity. Picture in metaphor God(dess) as the city landscape as to the totality of his/her being in Spirit/Soul form. We through God(dess) are citizens to this fabulous metropolis be it Heaven itself. By our spiritual symbiotic relationship with God, since his soul in the macro is our soul in the micro personalized as us. We have access to the Absolute essence and substance of God(dess) in totality for Free As A Gift. Not so much that God owns us, how can a person own their own eye, just because they were born with it initially. Having total access to God by means of prayers, meditations, contemplations, and so much more. We can experience the "Oneness of Creation" spiritually in so much we can carry an object or an idea. Consider a boy or girl via their muscles can only carry a few pounds at a time. Our Divinity if exercised like a muscle can carry its approximation and no more. We as souls can carry or worship God(dess) by how deeply we can love unconditionally in moderation. Or how much weight of our souls can hold meta-physically by experiencing God directly through our sacred Love. Amen.

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