Saturday, April 02, 2011

Jewels of Truth Series: "God As A Child"

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I seldom go out of turn in the number series of sharing my all original "Jewels of Truth" statements, unless of course they are profound keepers. Today's entry falls in line with such an insight at least from my perspective to date.


"God As A Child"

1127) It has been written in the Biblical New Testament that "Jesus Christ" once stated that to enter the "Kingdom of God" one must be as innocent as a child in spirit. If God is a god of unconditional Love in majesty. Picture a newborn child gazing upon a common item with a sheer amazement as if they have witnessed the true face of God himself. I Imagine this must be how God gazes upon creation and all his children on a macro scale upon eternity. Such an absolute love like a newborn child's gaze is how God adores all of us through his "Holy Spirit". Who is to say that the classic old bearded man in the heavens sitting on a throne upon the sky. Isn't a child as the "God of God's" marveling his works through all of his children?

As we worship God with love and thanksgiving. He may very well be gazing upon us through the sheer Divine innocence of all the embodied children in our universe. How we care for the children, and our neighbor's children no matter the origin of the species. Is our sacred duty and gift back to God as he would care for us. Just like a newborns gaze of sheer amazement out of an absolute Love for us all. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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