Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Health Care Trend / Prediction: Medical Care Access Segregation In America

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Today's entry isn't on a proposed concept as I usually do each month. It is based on a forthcoming trend or prediction I can foresee America entering within the next 5 to 10 years time. (conservative estimate) Which is what many termed on the political Right as "Obama Care" as a partisan argument. That eventually became "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA) passed by a very divided Federal 111th United States Congress. That now the 112th United States Congress at least in the Senate is trying to dismantle it piece by piece.

Although this health care prediction entry isn't a rant to lament the shenanigans of our elected Federal politicians. It is to note the looming economic bubble to burst that being the Health Care industry in America. The Federal Health Care Act aka "Obama Care" will be too little or too late to avert our proverbial of driving off a cliff nationally. While the partisans in Washington are gutting "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA) in the coming years. They'll look quite foolish when our next economic bubble to burst in our collective faces is due to health care costs.

On this very "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site on July 29th 2009 I stated a similar sensitivity of a health care prediction:


Today I would like to predict upon the highly probable health care industry bubble bursting. That it will place Americans squarely on the path to a form of "Medical Care Access Segregation". If and when this next economic bubble isn't averted from popping as an intended temporary form of Triage Care. The medical establishment will have to have a form of medical care access segregation. In order to prioritize the health care needs of Americans.

I warn you all that this temporary form of Triage health care access will Morph into a permanent system in America. Not unlike the "Jim Crow" years of racial profiling and segregation during the 20th century in America. The reasons why such a health care industry bursting economically as a bubble are numerous. I'll state the most obvious ones: out of control health care costs, medical malpractice costs, needless medical procedures ordered by physicians in order to avoid malpractice lawsuits, medical fraud and abuse, lack of properly trained clinicians in general medicine, and finally 13%-16% of our national GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spent yearly on heath care.

Americans collectively are paying more for health care and receiving less care in return. Now what will this "Medical Segregation" look like within America? For instance those that can still afford premium medical insurance will receive the finest world class medical care. Those on Federal or State entitlement health care programs of: Medicare, Medicaid, Florida KidCare (Floridian program for children access to health care for struggling families, as one of many State examples) will receive sub-standard medical care or be treated like steerage 2nd class citizens. Today medical and medicaid patients find it difficult to locate physicians that will accept such entitlement programs. Due to bureaucracy (red tape) and what the State is willing to pay for medical services. Those on the unfortunate bottom rung without any sort of medical insurance will be the new lepers in America. Receiving 3rd world health care inequality and nightmarish results. If the entitlement programs thought they have it bad treated and herded about like human cattle. Wait till you see how those without a dime to access any sort of medical coverage will be treated.

Note I'm not the type of person to be an Alarmist. Actually I'm quite the practical optimist looking always for an inclusive "Win / Win" scenario. But with my foresight ability I hope to God I'm completely wrong about this looming trend / prediction for America.

However I see this Iceberg with no name coming and we're on the "Titanic" all over again.

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