Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peace & Governance Concept: Israel Leases Land & Natural Resources From Palestine

Hello All,

This concept of mine was first hatched many years ago when Prime Minister "Ariel Sharon" was unilaterally pulling out of Gaza and some West Bank settlements. I was so moved by the Jewish and Arab plight I even wrote to my U.S. Senator of Florida "Mr. Bill Nelson". Offering this idea I'm about to present here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site. Of course I received a canned curt response by email about Mr. Bill Nelson's position and political stance regarding Israel, and that became that in those days.

This concept stems from some history how sovereign land was handed over via the legal instrument of a land lease to a second host nation. Examples are Great Britain with China for Hong Kong (expired 1997), Portugal with China for Macau Island (expired 1999), United States with Panama for the Panama Canal (expired 2000), and finally United States with Cuba for Guantanamo Bay. (ongoing until mutual agreement for closure of lease)

Citing these historical examples above why couldn't it work to reach an uneasy peace for the Israeli and Palestinian conflict?

Whereby the legitimate Palestinian Authority and there Israeli counter-parts reach a settlement. That allows those already settled townships by Israel to be leased from Palestine. Whether they were once seized unlawfully in a land grab will be settled with this lease arrangement. There is also the question where Israel took additional natural resources such as water or agriculture lands for itself. Which opens up an additional lease for such natural resources for the Jewish people.

Once the terms, expiration date of lease, value of land and natural resource holdings financially speaking are settled upon. A committee of the legitimate Palestinian Authority officials, be they elected or appointed, including equal partners from the United States and/or United Nations will be seated at such a committee. (Israel will not be a party of such a committee) This committee will collect the lease payments for the land and natural resource holdings on behalf of the Palestinian People. Akin to a supervised Trust Fund where all monies collected shall be transparent and accountable to Palestine and International Partners. Such as for reinvestment or expenditures of Palestinian Infrastructure, Security, Economic Development, and so forth...

There will also be the question of a one time retroactive settlement. For the lands and natural resources seized and utilized during the periods not covered under the current lease. Be it paid in a lump sum or added akin to a structured settlement along with the present lease payments. Is up to Israel and Palestine to also devise in their negotiations for both lease contracts.

I do hope that the townships built by the Israeli's will not be demolished when such a lease contract expires. Given how Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered the destruction of all structures lest religious ones in the Gaza and West Bank pullout. That could be an additional stipulation requested by the Palestinians when the lease expires at a future date.

If such a land lease for peace is the key to the Israel and Palestinian Conflict. Than Israel could pursue a similar lease arrangement with Syria for the "Golan Heights".

As they say: "If God is willing". Amen.

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