Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cartoon Concept: "Ronald McDonald & Friends" Direct To DVD

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Over the years many of us have had the pleasure of being fed by the McDonalds franchise locations for decades now. As a form of gratitude I'll like to give back with this concept to benefit the "McDonalds Corporation" and their charity "Ronald McDonald House".

(Side note: "Ronald McDonald House" promotes access to health care, dental, and health education to children. )

I remember back as I was growing up in the 1970's that McDonalds ran a series of commercial spots. With live actors dressed up as: Ronald McDonald, The Hamburglar, Grimace (the purple creature), Mayor McCheese, Birdie The Early Bird, etc...

Now picture an exclusive cartoon series based on these McDonald's mascots. As a direct to DVD bundle with they're "Happy Meals" for children. The price point of each DVD can be anywhere from $8.99 to $11.99 US aside from the cost of a "Happy Meal". Although the "Happy Meal" will include a toy figure from the cartoon series be it one of the popular mascots listed above or otherwise.

Every DVD can include from 4 to 6 episodes that last anywhere up to 15 minutes each. DVD's can also include extras such as historical information about the McDonald mascots. Or how the cartoon series was made with voice actor interviews, etc... Each episode will have a public service message perhaps following the pursuit of the "Ronald McDonald House". That offers access to health education for children that can include something from the famous "Ad Council" as a partnership. Or other public service messages that are applicable to children and their families.

Every episode will include "Ronald McDonald & Friends" in their mishaps and misadventures that children of all ages will enjoy. Many of the episodes can include healthy eating habits about the importance of nutritious meals. Where one of the McDonalds mascots eats a tasty salad instead of a typical burger sandwich. Other healthy messages in the cartoon episode itself is the importance of exercise for children.

Another item of importance is that every DVD sold a portion of the proceeds will benefit the "Ronald McDonald House" charity.
If the first season of the cartoon series proves successful at McDonalds. Than a DVD Boxed Set can be developed to be sold through retail partnerships or strictly at McDonald restaurant locations. There can be also partnerships with DVD rental locations be it "BlockBuster or Net Flix". (If not the DVD rental kiosks of "Red Hat") To allow the DVD rentals of the cartoon series of "Ronald McDonald & Friends".

This is a great initiative to revitalize the McDonalds Corporation mascots for a new generation of children. That will surely enjoy them as I have when I was a child watching the McDonalds commercials.

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