Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Governance Concept: Sales Tax Freeze By Region For Natural Disasters

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Here in the State of Florida where I live each year we have a "sales tax holiday" just prior to the start of that years "Hurricane Season". This concept of mine takes inspiration from such a sales tax holiday here in Florida. By expanding it to include all potential natural disasters in a regions locality here in the United States. However instead of a sales tax holiday approved by a States Legislature in advance as done in Florida.

This concept would include anywhere from 12 hours up to 72 hours advance warning from meteorological forecasters. That would institute a Sales Tax Freeze by a U.S. States region that would be struck by a natural disaster. Such natural disasters could be: Hurricanes, Flash Floods (by forecast major rain storms), Snow Storms (like "North Easters"), Desert Storms (In U.S. States with desert climates), Tornadoes (by tornado warnings being issued by region), Tsunami's to a coastal region due to a far off earthquake event, etc...

These are several forms of natural disasters that can be predicted by weather patterns. That anywhere from 12 hours up to a 72 hour window of preparation may be allowed. In such cases the U.S. Governor can declare by his or her own region to be struck. Either a preemptive State of Emergency or create another type of natural disaster classification such as "State of Warning". That would usher forth a civilian sales tax freeze on certain merchant goods and services. Such as: gasoline, car maintenance (personal vehicle), food (in those U.S. States that tax food), Hardware stores (particularly lumber for boarding up personal properties, personal gas powered generators, batteries, flashlights, etc...), Camping Goods Store (dried food rations, survivalist equipment, etc...), Pharmacies (personal medicine, first aid kits, etc...), Home Hardening Services (storm reinforcing for doors, windows, garage doors, roof's, etc...). Or anything else that falls under the purvey of protecting "Life & Limb" or "Personal Property" just prior to a predicted land fall of a natural disaster.

Although do note this does not cover "Man Made Disasters" which usually afford very little warning in advance. Or within the time frame of 12 hours up to 72 hours coverage period of preparations. The only exception to the man made disasters is that of poor municipal infrastructure in terms of storm water drainage. Where business districts to local neighborhoods can easily flood in a medium to major rain storm. These are hazard zones for Flash Flood pockets of activity to occur with all frequent regularity unfortunately.

A "Sales Tax Freeze" is the humane thing to do to allow potential natural disaster victims to prepare when advance warnings are foreseeable. Be it to safeguard their families by evacuating while still protecting their personal property. Or digging in to ride out the storm where a sales tax freeze would grant a degree of respite to a person's pocket book. Which in today's economy is already stretched thin for both the middle class and the working poor.

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