Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spiritual Wisdom: "The Path of Avatarhood: Ascension Through The Soul"

Hello All,

I just wanted to break away for a moment from my usual trio of "Jewels of Truth" statements each month. To include this original material I was inspired to write back in March 2003. So see this as another flash from my past collection of notebooks for a contemplative journey to consider in one's own mind.



"The Path To Avatarhood: Ascension Through The Soul"

Everyone wishes for a genie and their destined three wishes. So as to fulfill their own version of glory in this life. Perhaps the best wish of perfection sought can be to make no wish at all. Why make a wish for something that is already yours to begin within the grandeur of God's design? Everything is yours already, the method in claiming your good is the Journey to personal fulfillment. In whatever way you decree that such a definition becomes a realization for you. The trick is the path to complete such a transition of evolving through the ultimate looking glass within your soul. That will fill your being as a bridge between realities for a non-linear scope of living that will remake your mortal understanding. Into a lucid spiritual immortal comprehension of being in the totality of creation. Such a way of life can take one into a myriad of realities for the benefit of one's own soul. And, for those such a person will care about will live through them as their essence of being for all times.

This essence is a unconditional Love expressed in moderation that can take a soul from the "Omega" (End Point). A person will find them self within their concurrent life up to that stage of development. Back to a blessed "Alpha" (New Beginning) on the behalf of grace, which is also where a person already resides within the constant presence of God. Whereabouts all fields of reality are simultaneously expressed in a person's soul as a complete "Circle of Life". A persons or an entity's soul is a non-linear expression not governed by inferior thought patterns of a fragmented linear viewpoint. A concurrent non-linear reality is intermingled with your perceived state of mind. So that all manners of life can and should co-exist with itself on a paradoxical scale from the micro to the macro in what many call "Infinity & Eternity".

Stop and think where you are and notice you are in a process of soul gestation in the womb of God(dess) always. There is thankfully no where that God is not as a reality,including your nocturnal dreams. Give yourself Peace and know all things you seek by Love Absolute (without conditions) will not harm you or others. But only further the "Will of God" as a blessed journey of souls. In a Holy Matrimony we all call the "Holy Spirit". Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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