Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pharmaceutical Concept: Athletic Perspiration Gel

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This is another concept I originally wrote down in my collection of notebooks back in 2008.

This pharmaceutical over the counter product is best suited for those who work in the outdoors or for athletes. It consists of a water soluble gel that is applied to the skin much like sun block lotions. However it allows the person using this "Athletic Perspiration Gel" to maintain a neutral body temperature when conducting physical labor.

This is in order to relieve and avoid heat exhaustion out in the field. Besides allowing the applier of such a perspiration gel to prolong their laborious duty. Examples of potential applications are for the cited: Athletes, Construction Workers, Landscapers, Fire Fighters, Park Rangers, etc...

Overall this pharmaceutical product is essential in preventing heat stroke and stemming the effects of physical exhaustion. However one must stay hydrated by drinking liquids and this gel like product still allows the person to perspire (sweat) as usual. All it does is simply allow one to maintain a neutral body temperature for an extended period of time whilst doing physical activity.

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