Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Military Ordinance Concept: Anti-Vehicular EMP Land Mines

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I hardly post about my Imagineer sessions when it comes to military technology. Last time I believe was about a flaw in the US Marine Osprey rotary aircraft when it crashes. I offered a potential solution for Osprey crashes even from within 20 feet off the ground. Where they practically tear the fuselage apart leaving no where safe for an emergency impact that close to the ground.

During this time however I wanted to forecast a anti-vehicular EMP (electro magnetic) land mine. Where in non-shielded vehicles be they civilian or military ground vehicles. When rolling over such a deployed land mine field of such EMP mines can disable a vehicle.

Of course only a vehicle of heavy tonnage can set off such a EMP pulse land mine. Not a mere person stepping on them nor infantry units marching through. Unless they are intermingled with anti-personnel mines but that is another pattern layout for a mine field.

These EMP anti-vehicle land mines can be recharged if they have been triggered. Thus recycling the ordinance out in the field or theater of operation. Be it by a mobile platform recharging station or a fixed location recharging station.

Ideal locations where these EMP pulse anti-vehicle land mines can be deployed. Are in front or a surrounding perimeter around US Embassies abroad, particularly the "Middle East".

By the U.S. border with Mexico to impede drug smuggler operations or coyote human traffickers.

Around other sensitive landmark installations where a suicide bomber in a vehicle loaded with explosives can be neutralized before reaching his / her own target. Be it by oil industrial pipes, petro-chemical refineries, or other locales.

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