Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resort Concept: Themed Entertainment Hotel Resort

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Many of us whom have the spirit of wonder within are always delighted to visit an amusement park. No matter our age, be it a child to a senior citizen, the youth factor is eternal. With that said unless you live close to a regional hub say Orlando Florida to the numerous sorts of Amusement Park destinations. You may be restricted to visiting such places to once a year if not much less during a course of your lifetime.

What if instead the Amusement Park experience was transplanted into a hotel resort experience instead. Where upon the resort guests are treated along the way in tandem as amusement park patrons. By the numerous layered interactive experiences to be had in such a translation of a themed hotel resort.

The themes can be from the typical fantasy to science fiction. Although additional genres will be welcomed like that of a historical period, be it 17th century Caribbean to a resort complex modeled similar to a Buddhist Shrine or Monastery.

The interactive aspects for the resort guests can be educational to entertainment or both. Right now Universal Studios is constructing an amusement park in Orlando Florida based upon the Harry Potter fantasy franchise of J.K. Rowlings. A themed hotel resort under the Harry Potter franchise treatment would resemble "Hoggwarts Academy". Where typical hotel rooms of single occupancy to full blown pent house suites. Will fall under the decor of a "What If" this was really "Hoggwarts Academy"? Where the walled paintings come to life as if haunted by the deceased. Doors creak as if in a medieval English manor and hotel staff dressed to the tee as if they were in a Harry Potter amusement park.

Each room besides of having the typical Television announcing resort activities on a special localized channel. Can have a kiosk in each hotel room that acts akin to a local PC entertainment hub. Where either temporary accounts as hotel guests can be registered to take part of the interactive gamer Esq offerings of the themed resort. Or those with a permanent account from Home can sign in to continue game play. As they would from a Harry Potter type of electronic online game. The localized hotel room kiosk is the local media hub portal to the entire themed hotel resort.

The interactive media experiences across such a themed resort can vary from online gamers competing against those at the hotel resort. To unique avatar (player characters) created dungeons experienced interactively as a localized pavilion in the themed resort. Sometimes the hotel resort can be treated as one Meta game pavilion that is seamless for the hotel guest. As if traveling the fictitious lands of the Harry Potter franchise.

Similar to a shopper as a casual gamer experiencing the novelty for the first time. Walking into a hotel gift shop where the hotel guest is greeted by there avatar name as an honored guest. (this can be done where the hotel guest wears a RFID (radio frequency identity) name tag) That tracks and records the progress and experiences of the player created avatar of the hotel resort guest. Where continuing with the hotel gift shop example the hotel guest will be offered incentives similar to a frequent buyers program. (especially if the guest has logged into a home account as referred to the hotel room kiosk example above) Somewhat similar to what a hotel resort may offer to preferred guests with an amenities program.

This is just a glimpse of what I have in mind in the business model of a themed hotel resort. That mimics a 21st century amusement park of tomorrow that could exist today.

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