Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Divine Excursion


From time to time i like to break from the norm and throw a little diddy of my own writings that doesn't include a quotation. Since I hope your aware all my material is an inspired work accomplished via "automatic writing" technique. Basically that is getting out of my own way and allowing the spirit of God within to flow unconditionally.

Here are two examples of what i mean:

"Soulful Equilibrium"

As Christ calmed the storm waging in the sea's by expressing the tranquil calm nature of his soul. As if a mirror effect upon the weather of nature, and upon his internal nature of being. Which both forms of nature within to without are one, and are not divided realities.

If one is in turmoil within a constant storm in terms of karma they will be brewing about in such angst. The obverse is simultaneously true if one has self-control one will continuously prosper in the harmony & love of God(dess).

This is the karmic reality of manifestations, be mindful of your soulful equilibrium always. Amen. --- Ivan / Atrayo.

"Mantra of Wellness"
1) Stand your ground by faith and love.
2) Dwell upon the sublime wonder, in what i term the "Bright Zone".
3) Raise your personal vibration allowing grace to flow within your being.
4) Being in the flow of life your holistic richness & abundance increases.
5) Love / Worship God(dess) totally with gratitude.
6) I will then want for nothing.
7) All will be in Peace and Harmony within to without.
--- Ivan / Atrayo.

Enjoy using this method of awareness in what ways you see fit.

Namaste Always.

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