Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TV Show Concept: Reality Series On Federal or State Prisons

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As of late I've heard the words "Prison Industrial Complex", which reminds me of President Eisenhower in regards to his term of "Military Industrial Complex". I enjoy watching Tavis Smiley show on my local PBS TV station. Where numerous issues of people of various colors are addressed. Be they Hispanic or Afro-American, and yet still sometimes American Indian.

One statistic I heard that the Afro-American population in the entire State of California is 9%. But that 9% converts to 40% of the Afro-American population in the prison system of California. These numbers that represent a myriad of social issues for black America is a sobering realization.

My concept for this segment is that a television reality series covers this aforementioned "Prison Industrial Complex". Part of the appeal of this reality Tv series is educational. Much like Dwayne "Dog" Chapman on the A&E Tv reality series of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" depicts.
If a reality Tv series on the American Prison system be it civilian or military, or Federal or State prison systems is created and aired. It will shine a bright light on this American dilemma, that next to China or perhaps India we have one of the largest prison systems in the world.

Where the stories of the accused inmates can be told, including the stories of the correctional staff in these facilities, especially of a warden. I know of only MSNBC doing a series of documentaries of certain U.S. prisons. So this topic is under reported at best, if not ignored at worst.

A portion of this reality Tv series can cover the contractors that service a prison. Be it on the civilian or military form of penal system. Which perhaps can help us understand more so how atrocities like "Abu Garib" can occur in U.S. occupied Iraq.

We are only as strong as our weakest link. And perhaps our prison system burgeoning as it is in a consumer throw away society is our weakest link.

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