Sunday, December 17, 2006

Food Concept: Sweet Pasta

Hi All,

This dessert type of food treat came to me whilst I was eating lunch with pasta filled with garlic paste. My "A Ha!" moment came shortly afterwards, since I enjoy many types of eclectic dessert treats.

Picture Ravioli filled with chocolate instead of the typical meat or cheese fillings. The sweet fillings can be: milk, dark, white chocolates, caramel, taffy, cotton candy, and fruit jams. The pasta itself can be plain or it can be sweetened to include various different flavors onto itself. Such as a chocolate flavored pasta, or any of these varieties such as: peanut butter, vanilla, cookie dough, mocha, strawberry, etc... Besides it doesn't just have to be ravioli type of pasta it can be any other type of pasta that allows fillings to be present.

This is even a better dessert treat if accompanied with a sauce topping like hot fudge, or caramel. Mmm, can't you just picture it now. :o)

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