Friday, July 28, 2006

Revenue Source Concept: Municipal Governments Spending Criminal Assets

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Many local and State governments are running up record deficits, if not are on the verge of backruptcy if not in it already. What if local or State governments can spend convicted felon criminal assets to boost their bottom line. But here's the twist they do not spend it directly, they use it as a form of secure collateral.

So once a felon is in a State of Federal prison convicted of his crimes. His assets that are over a certain dollar amount, let's say like $100,000. Be they in the form of: liquid cash, real estate holdings, antiquities or collections, and financial stocks & bonds. Are all ripe for being utilized as a form of secure collateral to raise financing much like a municipal or State bond is issued.

Any interests or directly leveraged monies made from such formerly frozen criminal assets. Aren't paid to the convict once he is released from the prison system. Consider it as a form of paying their dues for their crimes against the public and paying for their expenses while incurred in the prison system.

This isn't theft since once a convict is released be it by parole or their prison sentence is up. Their financial assets are returned to them. Minus any incurred interests or financing that the city or State government was able to utilize from such assets.

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