Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fast Food Prediction / Concept: Touch Screen Cashiers & Automated Food Pick-Up Slot

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This concept is more like a prediction of sorts where fast food restaurants will be within the next ten years or so. As technology continues to outpace many of us. It will certainly start to remove the need of people at certain job roles. That is where this prediction that will over take fast food restaurant franchise chains. Removing the need for many cashier and cook personnel at such fast food outlets.

Picture a typical McDonalds restaurant with its front counter where cashier stations are at for order taking. Now picture instead of being greeted by a human cashier. Imagine a ATM like touch screen self-service cashier facing the customer inputting their order. Where they can swipe their credit/debit card, frequent customer ID tag, or place cash on a tray that is drawn into the cashier station.

The cashier touch screen station while idle will be displaying McDonald commercials or other special deals and promotions for the next pending customer.

The cooking area that is often very visible to the fast food customer. Will be automated in a conveyor belt system that is prepares the meal. Picture a coffee vending machine where the cup drops in first than the brewed coffee. This automated cooking and meal preparation system will be self-cleaning for the most part.

Still each fast food restaurant locale will have technicians to maintain the automated cooking and meal preparartion system. Including one tech for the ATM like touch screen cashier stations.

The customer will pick up their order on a tray of food or a bag at a designated pick up slot. The drive thru window will have a voice automated cashier station for the driver / customer. That can also display whilst idle commercials and deals of the restaurant at the time.

That's what I envision as the future of your local fast food restaurant chain.

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